You Need A Website, Here's Why

In this post, we talk about how to use a website to improve your brand.

Despite the daily increase in the popularity of the Internet in Nigeria, many brands in the country today still haven’t tapped into its enormous potential by spreading the tentacles of their business to the world wide web.

Therefore it is no surprise that a lot of thriving brands are still, in 2015, turning a blind eye to the endless possibilities offered by conducting business online. This is partly due to the fact that most entrepreneurs were born at an age when the paper and pen was king and as such do not realise what exactly it is they are missing out on. Admittedly, there a few catching up, slowly and surely, but even amongst these, there are brands with websites which are not being updated regularly. For many it is the cost of starting up a website that has put them off, which is a rather misplaced notion considering websites can be set up for as low as #5,000 on Content Management Systems such as WordPress.

Creating a website for a brand makes the business available at any given time on any given day anywhere in the world. In other words, creating a website makes your business available 24/7. Before the advent of the Internet, customers usually had to stop by or make phone calls to inquire about what services are offered — these are still effective tools of getting in touch — by a brand. By creating a website, these are reduced to the bare minimum as customers can learn about your brand by simply visiting its website. Interaction then takes place through filling a form, reading through the website, signing up for a periodic newsletter or downloading important user guides from a website.

It’s cheap and convenient as customers can do all these in their own time without necessarily having to leave their comfort zones. Constant communication with customers is key in widening your consumer base in an ever-competitive market. There is a need to remind consumers of why they should choose your brand over your competitors and in many ways more than one, a website helps to maintain interaction with them. Regular email newsletters, timely website updates, alerts on special offers and promotions are effective in keeping in touch with customers, whether they are would-be, first-time or long-term customers. It is a simple yet effective way of improving your brand. By regularly keeping in touch, customers will keep you in mind.

Perhaps the most important advantage of creating a website is that it transcends geographical boundaries and therefore available from Australia to Zambia. In days gone by, most Nigerian brands advertised through radio or television jingles that were available to only people in the area within which these media outlets broadcast. With a website, however, your brand is accessible to people from all corners of the globe. This ease of access also helps to reduce adspend on television, radio and newspapers, which allows funds to be used more judiciously to further the growth of the business.

Your website isn’t only a window to take a sneak peek into what your brand offers, it is also an employee that explains in detail what consumers are looking for. Competition is fierce and your website is like the proverbial 12th player for a football team, providing the needed boost. It is not enough to provide a description of services on offer and showing an acute level of expertise that blows the rest of the competition out of the water.

A well designed website adds credibility to a business which in turn further strengthens the brand. On the other end of the spectrum, a shoddily or hurriedly put-together website gives away the business as amateur or disorganized. Therefore creating a website alone isn’t enough. Rather regularly updating it newsworthy steps made by the brand including the latest features on offer is a necessity. By doing this, customers are assured of professionalism and extra attention being paid to their needs during further transactions.

In conclusion, a website can serve as a one-stop shop for improving the quality of your business and with the teeming population of Nigerians using the Internet on a daily basis, there’s already a safe landing place for your business. Take advantage of this relatively cheap way of promoting your brand and create a website today.

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